Art of calling  






Good calling adds tremendously to the connectedness of a soccer team. It can help defenders avoid bad mistakes, and helps attackers make good choices. In fact, you really can't play soccer without calling.

There are four rules to good calling:

  • Be smart: call only when it will help – but do call when it will! Call as much as you can - even when it's just to say "Not outside" to let him know you are covered.
  • Be loud: make sure your teammate will hear you loud and clear
  • Be quick: call early, as soon as you can
  • Be precise: use the vocabulary of soccer. Yelling "pass" is not much help. "Outside you" tells your player where you are and what's open.

It doesn’t help much to mumble quietly “There’s a defender coming soon” just as one of your teammates gets clattered from the blind side. A loud yell of “Man On” is a lot better.

Make it a practice to talk every time you pass the ball and every time you receive it. Constantly feed instructions and information to your teammates.