Building confidence  

Positive talk
Reminder list
Highlights reel
Match message
Body language





Text Box: Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.

Mia Hamm
How confident are you about your game?  Are you the player who wants to take the PK when the game is absolutely on the line? Are you confident that you’ll do what your team needs? Can you rely on your skills and composure in the crunch?

Many players and coaches think that confidence comes from winning, from being successful. But that’s the wrong way round: confidence causes winning.

So how do you systematically build your confidence? We have found five ways that you can systematically learn to boost your confidence when you need it most:  

  • Positive talk to yourself

  • The Reminder List: Focus on your strengths

  • Remember your personal highlight reel

  • Match messages

  • Team confidence

Confidence must be nurtured like a sprouting acorn. Over time, it can grow into a towering oak that nothing can disturb. The tips I've given can help you grow and nurture your own “confidence acorn.” Pretty soon it will be a deep part of you. Then it can stand on its own.