The guidelines above apply to the goalie as well – but much more so.

The goalie has to be the player in charge in and around the penalty area. In fact, the goalie should specifically become the team captain in a few core situations:

  • at defensive corners, where the goalie both organizes the defense and takes charge of managing the cross as it comes in. The goalie should make it a habit to call for every ball that comes into the box, whether or not he plans to get it. A call of “yours” can be just as helpful as “mine” or “keeper’s.”
  • at close in free kicks, where the goalie must position the wall (see defending close in free kicks)
  • when the defense is running back towards goal, as only the goalie has a good view of what is going on across the whole field.
  • In particular, he needs to organize the defense to deal with threats from a runner to the far post where the rest of the defense may not be looking.
  • when he comes for a through ball. Goalies increasingly play with their feet outside the box, and they need to let the defense know what they are doing in these difficult moments.