Itís surprising how many goalies think theyíve done their job when they have the ball in their hands. In fact, itís just started.

A good goalie can distribute the ball to help his team in many ways.

  • a quick roll out can put a defender on the ball in plenty of space, assuring possession. Can be an important part of short ball transition at the back. Remember to ROLL the ball; don't bounce it to a defender and put them under pressure
  • a quick kick can reach a midfielder or even a striker in space
  • a long punt can get behind the defense, and can be part of a long ball strategy
  • switch the ball by quickly moving all the way across the penalty box and releasing the ball rapidly (note also that goal kicks can be taken from anywhere in the 6 yard box Ė they do not have to be taken from the side where the ball went out).
  • Slow the tempo. If your team is under pressure, make sure you hold onto the ball for a while. Give your defense a breather. Hold the ball for several extra seconds. Walk slowly to the top of the box before releasing it. Consdier punting it far out of play if necessary.
  • Use your feet.  Be available to your defenders as an extra man, to take the pressure off the man with the ball.

If you have confidence in your foot skills, you can put the ball on the ground and require an attacker to come get you. That will leave at least one defender open for a simple pass.




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