Focus cues
Brush it off
Preparing for disaster
Technical adjustment
Plan B
Escaping self-judgment





Concentration is a critical skill for soccer. Lapse  for a second and a great chance is missed or a sloppy goal is conceded. But just like physical skills, focus and concentration can be improved with effort and good technique.

Because soccer is a fluid game, realize that you have to concentrate all the time: there is no “safe” time when you can switch off. Even dead balls can quickly become live.

Loss of focus often starts a downward spiral: the more you lose focus, the worse you play, the more worried you are, and the more you focus on that rather than the game. Eventually you become a burden on your team. You can’t wait to get off the pitch!


 The downward focus spiral


So you need to find ways to get your concentration refocused, and to limit both the number of lapses in a game and the depth of those lapses. You can train yourself to concentrate better.

In this section, we cover 5 ways to improve your focus and concentration:

  • Using focus cues

  • brushing it off

  • preparing for disaster in advance

  • making technical adjustments

  • escaping from self-judgment