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How do you handle pressure? Do you relish the big game, the moment when your team depends on you. Or does it make you so nervous you can hardly play?

All players feel nervous before a game. Some of that is natural and a good thing – being nervous generates adrenaline, gets you pumped for the game. Those are good nerves.

But for some people, those nerves don’t vanish when you step out onto the pitch. In fact, they start hours before the game and get worse. Does this sound at all familiar:

“As the match gets closer, thoughts and images become increasingly negative. You notice that these thoughts are occurring more regularly, and you don’t seem, to be able to stop them. You don’t enjoy this! It’s possible you start worrying about being worried. These feelings don't leave you when the game starts.”

These “bad” nerves tend to fall into three different categories:

  • demand worries – about the challenge ahead (e.g. I hate playing at this field – I never do well here)
  • ability worries – about being unable to cope (e.g. I don’t have the speed to handle that winger)
  • consequence worries – about the future (e.g. if we lose here, we’re certain to go down)

 You  can learn to handle each of these.